Visual Cues

  • Drive Sales
  • Brand Identity: Color code subsections on site – build strong and clear identity for EACH current/new product/service while keeping site cohesive via layout, type usage, imagery.
  • Identification: Show images of targeted consumer model (build identification)
  • Content Targeting: Drive visitors towards most profitable content areas.
  • Embellish/Synchronize media effort of print campaigns with web campaign
  • Retain customers, attract new ones
  • Encourage/reassure prospects that your firm is THE company to turn to
  • Entice and convey to prospects all of your capabilities, and how you work.
  • Distinguish yourself from competition in all areas, from content to presentation, and from reactionary thinking to proactive marketing conceptualization and implementation.
  • Delineate benefits to prospects
  • Secure new business
  • Grow awarded projects into larger ones by displaying your abilities to assist in wider range of services.
  • React quickly and fully satisfy prospect’s needs on a daily basis, conceptualize and develop effective and efficient means for achieving their goals. List your methods of insuring client satisfaction. Leave them with no questions on your capabilities, resulting in their retention of your firm for business engagement.
  • Create rich, sharp interface design
  • Font Treatments (create font styling fitting for audience and standardize throughout site)
  • Seals of approval, health associations- Build consumer trust
  • Devise means (icons, secondary tags), to promote memorable consumer benefits.
  • Add life: Lose stale, static feel and incorporate strategic animations-keep download time quick.
  • Build identification – Images of target audience, lifestyles.
  • Targeted Copy
  • Main message promoted throughout site
  • Memorable taglines
  • Surmise messages of each page in call outs, headlines, etc.
  • Vernacular fitting for each audience

Marketing & Promotional Concepts

Site Functionality

  • Traffic drivers
  • Product benefits
  • Revenue drivers: on site, in store
  • Brand awareness: Separate sub site areas cohesively designed
  • Banner exchanges
  • Testimonials
  • Press
  • Build loyalty: Client alliances
  • Repeat visits via useful info, links, camaraderie Printable Coupons CO-OP mktg.
  • Reciprocal links with complimentary vendors
  • Free samples – where applicable
  • Downloads quickly
  • Drive visitors to areas which promote most sales
  • Navigates Easily: Content areas to be emphasized in hierarchical order of import: Visual cues to be used include link size, color, contrast, page location, font treatment-links to be grouped by relevance
  • Enjoyable to view
  • Keep visitors at site longer, and encourage repeat visits: Research and place links of use for targeted consumer.
  • Test sites for bugs, glitches; all OS platforms, all major browsers. (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge)
We recommend the following look and basic functions be incorporated into a web site:

Retail Consumer Information Section

If applicable, a retail buyers section can include:

  1. An attractive web site interface that carries a business’ corporate look throughout the site, cohesively reinforcing a business’s printed materials and product identification.
  2. Product Group Pages showing the product groups with links to individual product pages.
  3. Product Description Pages including sub-pages that give product information.
  4. Consumer Information Section including a searchable FAQ page.
  5. Your company’s mission statement.
  6. Opt-In email list form – The easiest, most cost-effective way to keep in touch with your customers. When customers signs up to receive company emails from you they give you permission to communicate with them about your newest services, product sales or whatever other news you might wish to share with your customers.
  7. Searchable Database – A dynamically updateable software that allows web site visitors to glean up-to-date information about any number of topics. (Optional and additional development costs apply to incorporate this function.)
  8. Q&A Forum – An easy to monitor interactive forum where visitors to a company web site can post questions or start a discussion thread with other forum visitors. Forums are excellent ways for a business to learn about what interests and concerns people.

Wholesale Buyers Section

If applicable, a wholesale buyers section can include:

  1. Credit Applications – Downloadable PDF files and/or interactive forms.
  2. A Terms and Conditions and Return Policies page.
  3. Wholesale Orders Page – Where wholesale buyers can order product online.